О «загадочной власти слова» в переписке М.А. Волошина с М.В. Сабашниковой

2017. № 4, 42-49

Т. А. Кошемчук, доктор филологических наук, Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



The article deals with Voloshin’s ideas of realism in Russian literature, found in the correspondence of M. Voloshin and M. Sabashnikova and in Voloshin’s articles. He interprets imaginative literature as connected with the future and its main aim as to clarify the future reality. Rejection of the fantastical, of the dream is the guilt of literature according to Voloshin, because the fantastical and the terrible if expressed in words does not happen in real life. The bloody revolutions come after the periods of realism. And Russian revolution is the retribution for the rejection of the idealistic in literature during the whole century