Year / Number Authors Title Pages
2021, 5 Olga V. Antonova The Initial Phoneme /j/ in Russian Language in the Forms of Personal Pronouns im, imi, ikh (‘them’) 7-21
2021, 5 Elena L. Berezovich, Valeria S. Kuchko Where Did Mushrooms Come From in Figure Skating: On Motivational Interpretation of the Russian Jargon Griby ‘Undeservedly High Scores’ 22-39
2021, 5 Elizaveta S. Gromenko New Compounds with Corona- and Covid- in Russian Language (Word-Formation and Normative Aspects) 40-54
2021, 5 B. L. Iomdin, Dmitry A. Morozov Who Can Understand “Dunno”? Automatic Assessment of Text Complexity in Children’s Literature 55-68
2021, 5 Olga A. Sharykina On the Principles of Word Selection for the Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Everyday Speech 69-78
2021, 5 Yurii A. Artamonov, Aleksei A. Gippius The Ideal Scribe: Clerk Ostafy’s Graffi to in St. Sophia, Constantinople and the 15th Сentury Russian Book Marginalia 79-94
2021, 5 Alexandra A. Pletneva Captions to Images of Saints: Spelling of Proper Nouns 95-107
2021, 5 Maxim E. Moshkov Discursive Words and Particles in the Author’s Translation 108-117
2021, 5 Madina A. Fokina, Liubov A. Ermakova Semantic Dominants in N. A. Nekrasov’s Novella “Life of Alexandra Ivanovna” 118-127
2021, 4 Maria L. Kalenchuk Variants of Pronunciation of Vowels in the 1st Pre-stressed Syllable After Hard Sibilants and ц in Place of the Letters о and а 7-16
2021, 4 Tatyana L. Kolosovskaya Sense of Humor – «Comedy Club» is Resting: One Stable Evaluative Structure in Russian 17-32
2021, 4 Ekaterina S. Skachedubova Place of Stress in the Forms of the Passive Participles of the Past Tense 33-44
2021, 4 Olga E. Frolova Speech Aggression and Reaction to It 45-60
2021, 4 Elena L. Berezovich On the Russian Folk Gemonymy: Tal’yan 61-76
2021, 4 Leonid P. Krysin The Nineteenth Century and Present Time: The Comparison of Foreign Language Influence on the Russian language 77-84
2021, 4 Andrei V. Rastyagaev, Julia V. Slozhenikina On the Origin of the Term Krilatye Slova (Winged Words) in Russian 85-96
2021, 4 Irina A. Marinchenko, Elena V. Vasil’eva “Taiga Surprises” in Children's Prose by Mikhail Demenok 97-107
2021, 4 Natalia A. Nikolina, Zoya Yu. Petrova Figurative Field «Music» in the Novel «Brisbane» by E. Vodolazkin 108-119
2021, 4 Oleg V. Nikitin Slavic-Russian Paleography as an Art (On a New Book by L. P. Zhukovskaya) 120-128
2021, 3 Maria M. Voznesenskaya Quote Big Brother from the Novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell: Translation and Functioning in Russian 7-18