Year / Number Authors Title Pages
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2022, 2 Sergei D. Shelov, Tatiana D. Chetverikova On Variable Spelling of Lowercase and Uppercase Letters in Some Groups of the Russian Language Vocabulary 24-37
2022, 2 Maria V. Akhmetova Once More on the Popular Phraseological Unit ‘Tambov Wolf Is Your Comrade’: Variability of Components and Contexts of Usage 38-52
2022, 2 Sergey V. Knyazev On the Expression of Spatial Relations in a Northern Russian Dialect 53-71
2022, 2 V. I. Maximov “Rastekashetsya mysliyu po drevu” 72-95
2022, 2 Maria V. Miroshnichenko The Linguistic Aspect of Liturgical Texts as Viewed by the Synodal Censorship 96-109
2022, 2 Nikolai V. Kapustin Chaadayev's Historiosophy and Russian Word 110-117
2022, 2 Evgeniy M. Matveev Tropological and Allegorical Semantic Transformations of Anthroponyms in Russian Panegyrical Poetry of the 18th Century 118-127
2022, 1 Nadezhda M. Devyatova The Image of a Man and a Woman in the Mirror of Russian Comparisons: About Adverbs with the Prefix Po- and Their Culturally Signifi cant Meanings 7-18
2022, 1 Ekaterina N. Kulikovskaya “How to Do Things with Words” in Russian Charms 19-34
2022, 1 Alexey E. Tsumarev, Larisa L. Shestakova Grammatical Description of Religious Vocabulary in a Modern Explanatory Dictionary 35-49
2022, 1 Olga N. Charykova, Nataliya V. Fedotova Coronaviral Discourse as a Source of Increased Military Methaphorization 50-60
2022, 1 Irina A.Gorbushina On the Origin of the Russian Kuter’ma 61-70
2022, 1 Aleksandr G. Kravetsky Capital or Lowercase Letters? The History of Orthography Practices in the 17th and 18th Centuries 71-81
2022, 1 Alexey A. Kretov “Utro Vechera Mudrenee?” (Is the Morning Wiser Than the Evening?) 82-89
2022, 1 Yuliya G. Zakharova Foreign Language Vocabulary in the A. P. Chekhov’s Letters 90-105
2022, 1 Natalia A. Nikolina, Zoya Yu. Petrova, Н.А. ФАТЕЕВА Comparative Structures and Narration Composition in Modern Russian Prose 106-118
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2021, 6 Maria V. Bobrova Zavarnichek, the Son of Chainik, of the Nazar’s Breed: Refl ection of People’s Kinship Ties in Contemporary Nicknames 7-18
2021, 6 Elena I. Golanova Word and Image 19-30