Year / Number Authors Title Pages
2023, 6 Yuliya S. Vinogradova, Valeriya O. Prokaeva, Elena I. Riekhakaynen Not All Pauses are the Same: Multidimensional Classifi cation of Pauses for the Annotation of Russian Spoken Corpora 7-23
2023, 6 Elizaveta S. Gromenko On the Phenomenon of “Terminological Noise” in the Language of Modern Mass Media 24-37
2023, 6 Oxana S. Issers Colloquial Speech as a Source of Commercial Nominations for Urban Objects 38-51
2023, 6 Natal’ya V. Semenova, Anna V. Rubtsova “Suetu Navesti Okhota!”: from the Meme to Everyday Speech 52-62
2023, 6 Larisa L. Shestakova, Anna S. Kuleva “Dictionary of the Language of Russian Poetry (20th Century)” in the Context of Digital Author Dictionary 63-76
2023, 6 О. П. Фесенко Military Personnel in the Genre of Anecdote: On the Example of the Image of an Ensign 77-85
2023, 6 Kapustin N. V. Spontaneous Rhetoricians and Philologists in A. N. Ostrovsky’s plays: “Talents and Admirers” 86-94
2023, 6 Zoya Yu. Petrova, Natalia A. Fateeva A System of Similes and Metaphors in O. Slavnikova’s Novel “2017” 95-106
2023, 6 Zhao Sainan Analysis of the Structure of Text Space in the Novel by B. L. Pasternak “Doctor Zhivago”: Spatial Opposition Moscow – Yuryatin 107-115
2023, 6 N. D. Svetozarova How is “Glokaya Kuzdra” Made 116-128
2023, 5 Tatyana V. Kovalevskaya, Anna A. Sadchikova The Ways of Keeping Gender Ambiguity of Characters in Translation from English into Russian 7-18
2023, 5 Maxim A. Krongauz Pragmatic Category of Person in the Theory of Personal Names 19-31
2023, 5 Anastasiia A. Prokopenko Kstati (For Good Measure), Which is Not Always a Good Measure: the Specifi cs of the Use of the Unit in Modern Oral Everyday Speech 32-44
2023, 5 Igor’ A. Sharonov Comparative Construction “Kak Griazi” (Dime a Dozen, Lit. Like Dirt) in Diachronic Aspect 45-51
2023, 5 Alexander I. Grishchenko The Old Russian Theta and a Novgorodian Talmud 52-68
2023, 5 Svetlana S. Zemicheva Concept “Document” in the Speech of Peasants (Based on the Materials of the Tomsk Dialect Corpus) 69-80
2023, 5 Maria O. Novak Pulpety and How to Eat Them: To the Word’s History 81-92
2023, 5 Igor’ A. Vinogradov Chichikov: The Name of the Main Character of “Dead Souls” 93-105
2023, 5 Ol’ga L. Dovgy Polyptoton in Pushkin’s Lyrics 106-116
2023, 5 Vladimir A. Korshunkov Light-Blue Horse of Nikolai Gogol’s Nozdryov: Color Terms and Equine Coat Colors 117-128