Year / Number Authors Title Pages
2024, 2 Irina V. Kryukova Santa-Barbara: Semantic Transformations in the Russian Linguistic Culture 7-17
2024, 2 Valeriy M. Mokienko Alien in Its Own: Borrowings in the New Russian Phraseology 18-36
2024, 2 Nina N. Rozanova Bosyakiʼ, ̔Bosotaʼand ̔Nishchebrodyʼ: the New Life of Old Word 37-51
2024, 2 Elena V. Sen’ko Ambitious and Self-Sufficient, or the Change of Spiritual and Moral Paradigms 52-64
2024, 2 Alina S. Alekseeva On the Origin of the Borrowing Верги in the Russian Northern-Western Dialects 65-76
2024, 2 Ivan S. Dobrovol’skii The Rule of Replacing the Grave with an Acute in Church Slavonic: Further Details 77-89
2024, 2 Ol’ga E. Belova Tyrannical Characters by A. N. Ostrovsky in View of the Primary Speech Genres 90-97
2024, 2 Sergei A. Vasilev “Oh, You, That in Sorrow You Grunble Against God in Vain, Man!..” Functions of the Lomonosov Quote in N. V. Gogol's Comedy “The Inspector General” 98-105
2024, 2 Darja M. Dedkovskaya “Composite formations” as a Stylistic Device (Based on the Material of D. I. Rubina's Novel “Maniac Gurevich”) 106-116
2024, 2 Nika R. Testova Catherine the Great’s Pastoral Comic Opera “Fedul and His Children” as a Cultural Pattern 117-127
2024, 1 Vladimir V. Glebkin, Elizaveta A. Evchuk Experimental Study of Lexical Choice Situation (on the Material of the Constructions otkryvat' butylku ‘open a bottle’ and otkuporivat' butylku ‘uncork a bottle’) 7-20
2024, 1 Sergey V. Knyazev There’s Less Jakan’je Here (Unstressed Vowel Systems of Two Neighbouring Tambov Dialects) 21-32
2024, 1 Е. Н. Никитина How is a generically personal statement born? 33-48
2024, 1 Marina G. Sokolova “Fresh or not Fresh?” (Linguistic Portraying of the Word Фреш (Fresh) in Modern Journalistic Discourse) 49-59
2024, 1 Anastasiya S. Glagoleva Bish’: Bayat’ or Byt’? About the Origin of One Particle 60-69
2024, 1 Natal’ya V. Nikolenkova The First Stage of Russian Scientific Terminology Formation: The Predecessors of M. V. Lomonosov 70-81
2024, 1 Irina A. Kiseleva, Ksenia A. Potashova, Alyona S. Ermakova Lexic-semantic Representation of the Image of the Caucasus in the Works of M. Yu. Lermontov 82-97
2024, 1 Ekaterina V. Sharapova Sound Metaphors in Vera Bogdanova’s novel The Season of Poisoned Fruit 98-106
2024, 1 Mstislav I. Shutan Period in L. N. Tolstoy's Novel “War and Peace” 107-123
2024, 1 In memory of Alexander Anatolyevich Sokolyansky 124-127