«До чего же хорошо кругом!» (Аналитические конструкции с усилительной частицей до чего)

2018. № 1, 34-41

И. Г. РОДИОНОВА, кандидат филологических наук


The article substantiates the possibility of the selection of analytical constructions consisting of meaningful words and reinforcement particles do chego, considered the origin of the pronominal particles, its function in speech: an expression of the fullness of the manifestation of the symptom, condition, action; expression evaluation and subjective statements. Attention is drawn to the structural model of the analytical constructions with the particle do chego, on the peculiarities of their meaning and use. The article describes the language means of actualization of the semantics of the enhanced sign, states, actions, analytical design: interjections, particles, different types of repetition