«Летопись Серафимо-Дивеевского монастыря» митрополита Серафима Чичагова: особенности эпической формы

2018. № 1, 81-91

А. А. ЧУРКИН, кандидат филологических наук


The value of «Chronicles of St. Seraphim Diveevo convent» is determined by the fact, that the hagiographic text became epical in this work. Its composition unites a large number of storylines in which dozens of characters from different classes of Russian society were involved. Main and secondary characters gained the breadth and psychological depth and lost the conventionality inherent in the hagiography. Describing visions and prophecies author formulated the concept of history, that continued and reinterpreted traditions of the medieval Chronicles and Church folklore. So hieromartyr Seraphim Chichagov depicted the variety and depth of Russian Church life of that time through the life and history of the Sarov and Diveyevo monasteries.