Равноапостольный князь Владимир в «Памяти и похвале» мниха Иакова и проложном житии

2018. № 2, 52-59


The article is devoted to the analysis of the main artistic techniques for creating the image of Prince Vladimir in «Memories and Praise to Prince Vladimir» by Mnicha Jacob and in the sacred life. In the beginning, two works are analyzed separately, then they are compared with each other. When comparing, common methods and main differences are revealed. The analysis lists the main means and techniques for creating the image of Prince Vladimir: a retrospective historical analogy; The use of numerous epithets, which assign the characterization of the Christian ruler to the prince; Verbs and verbal forms that characterize the hero’s deeds; Biblical quotes; Image of assessment of the prince’s actions by the divine forces; The use of prayer and life-forms for revealing the feelings and thoughts of the prince; Lexical repetitions, author’s characteristic. The choice of means by medieval scribes is determined by the demands of the genre that was forming or formed at that time.