«Доброе» и «приятное» в речевом этикете. Нужно ли экономить на вежливости?

2018. № 5, 36-43

О. И. Северская, кандидат филологических наук, Институт русского языка им. В.В. Виноградова РАН 


Two etiquette formulas are considered in the article: the salutation dobryy den' (good day) and the wish priyatnogo appetita (bon appétit), in their truncated versions. The perception of etiquette innovations by Russian «naïve» native speakers is reflected in the materials of some Internet forums. The author
analyzes the opinions expressed in these forums, containing polar assessments of «economy on politeness», from sharp rejection to acceptance of word markers
as signs of «pure politeness», the correspondence of new etiquette formulas to the norms of polite conversation, their semantic scope and the adequacy of the
derivation, their speech prospects