Iron Paporzi in The Word of Igor’s Campaign. What Is It or Who Is It?

2019. № 2, 17-29

Vladimir I. Maximov, Society of Researchers of Ancient Russia at the Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences), (Russia, Moscow),


Despite more than two century’s investigations of the famous early medieval Russian literal memorial “Slovo o Polku Igoreve” (“The Word of Igor`s Campaign”), it has a lot of so called “dark” places and words without accepted interpretations and explanations. Translations and interpretations for one of these words is being considered in this article — the word “paporzy” from the “dark” place of so called “zlato slovo”(“golden speech”) of Sviatoslav the Great Knyaz of Kiev (“Суть бо у ваю желѣзныи папорзи подъ шеломы латинскими”). Refering to the polish version of the word origin, that was used in a speech to knyazia (princes) of the western Russian
lands, neighbouring with Poland, a version of the polish poparcie (assistance) distortion is analyzed and conjecture for “poparzy” with explanation is presented corresponding to the ancient Russian word “pomochy” (help).