“I Nezhno L’yutsya Perezvony Iv, Preklonennykh u Vody”. The Use of Plant Names as Objects and Images of Comparative Tropes in the Poetry of M. P. Gerasimov

2020. № 1, 68-77

Marina G. Sokolova, Togliatty State University (Russia, Togliatty), msok71@mail.ru


The article deals with the peculiarities of using plant names as objects and images of comparative tropes in the poetry of M. P. Gerasimov. It was discovered that in the first case, where plant names are used as objects of comparison, the distinctive feature of the poet’s idiostyle is the choice of religious vocabulary as means of comparison. In the second case, where plant names are used as a comparison image, the poet opts for industrial and technical realia. It is revealed that the use of religious vocabulary as a source of poetic imagery is universal in the works of M. P. Gerasimov, as it concerns not only depicting the trees, but also other objects, such as fl owers, herbs, birds or factory realia. The article determines the main associative images traditional for Russian poetry in the poetic texts of the author. They form and affect other poetic associations: “autumn nature — death”, “spring nature — renewal”, “factory — spring forest”.The paper characterizes traditional figurative comparisons like “tree — warrior”, “tree — decoration”, “tree — architectural structure”, “tree — flame”, many of which describe
plant realia.