2020. № 4

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Bukrinskaya I. A., Karmakova O. E.
Regional Varieties of the Russian Speech
7 - 18
Zamaldinov V. E.
“Viral” Innovations in Modern Media Communication
19 - 27
Somova L. A.
Transformation of the Speech Act of Insult in the Rap Battles
28 - 41
Shmelev A. D
Codification of the Russian Orthography and Capitalization of Personal Proper Names: Is There Any Problem?
42 - 53
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Irina E. Kuznetsova
On the Gender of the Word Coffee in the History of the Russian Language
54 - 64
Maximov V. I.
On the “beds” in “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” (“na krovaty tisovе” and “skhoty yu na krovat’”)
65 - 79
Maria A. Puzina
On the Words pravověrьny/pravoslavьny and Their Synonyms in the Old Russian Language
80 - 92
Язык художественной литературы
Язык художественной литературы
Natalia A. Nikolina, Zoya Yu. Petrova
Metaphors of Everyday Speech in Modern Russian Prose
93 - 104
Book News
Book News
Natalja V. Patroeva
Review: “Dictionary of the Language of the Twentieth Century Russian Poetry”. Volume VIII: Smola — Tolsch
105 - 110
Наука в лицах
Наука в лицах
Alexander A. Sokolyansky
My Panov: on the Occasion of the 100th Birthday
111 - 123

In Memory of Galina A. Zolotova (1924–2020)
124 - 127