Speech Aggression and Reaction to It

2021. № 4, 45-60


The article deals with aggressive speech behavior in the genre of interview. Speech aggression is understood as an insult and deliberate harm done to the addressee. Aggression occurs when the sender invades the space of the addressee. Ten interviews of the “A-Team” program on the radio “Echo of Moscow” were selected as material. The main feature of the material is the stated intention of the journalists to conduct a dialogue in an aggressive manner. The article considers types of questions of the sender and types of reactions to speech aggression of the recipient. The sender refers to the system of values, biographical data and descriptions of the actions of the guest invited to the interview and forces the addressee to make excuses by appealing to a sense of guilt. The addressees demonstrate responsive non-conflicting and conflicting speech behavior. Avoiding conflict, the guest can evade an answer, translating the dialogue into a joke, referring to ignorance and the boundaries of his competence. Conflicting and aggressive reaction is expressed in the addressee's attempt to discredit the sender's questions and build unequal relations with them, presenting themselves as a winner and the journalist as a loser.

For citation:

Frolova O. E. Speech Aggression and Reaction to It. Russian Speech = Russkaya Reсh’. 2021. No. 4. Pp. 45–60. DOI: 10.31857/S013161170016214-4.