Year / Number Authors Title Pages
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2020, 3 Konstantin A. Tsyrelchuk The Hymn “Only Begotten Son”: Dogmatic Meaning and Russian Translations 54-64
2020, 3 Kirill M. Balashov-Eskin Catachresis in the Poetical Style of V. A. Sosnora 65-76
2020, 3 Katerina V. Bryleva “The Elephant” and “L'Albatros”: Baudelairian Subtext in Gumilev's Poem 77-87
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2020, 3 Ekaterina V. Sharapova Non-Gradable Attribute Intensification in Dostoesvsky's Writing Style: Linguistic Mechanisms and Semantic Effects 101-113
2020, 3 Leonid P. Krysin At the Origins of the Linguistic Expertise of the Text 114-119
2020, 3 Sergey D. Shelov Academician Zaliznyak (1935–2017): Discoveries and Beliefs 120-128
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2020, 2 Natalia A. Bure, Olga V. Sukhanova Concept “One” in Russian Speech Culture 18-30
2020, 2 Irina A. Veschikova On the Role and Functions of Media Speech and Its Orthoepic Aspect in the Modern Linguistic Situation 31-43
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2020, 2 Arkadiy F. Kalinin Phraseologically Bound Sentences Like Kto Kak ne On Pomozhet! in Russian Language (Main Aspects) 62-75
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2020, 2 Alexander A. Sokolyansky Sut’ 92-104
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2020, 2 Oleg V. Nikitin “In Response to Your Request I Inform...” (The 70th An niversary of Publishing The “Dictionary” by S. I. Ozhegov) 115-127
2020, 1 Tatiana I. Popova Who is the Boss? — or Whose Turn is it to Speak 7-20