Этимологические связи славянской метеорологической лексики

2017. № 2, 115-123

Т. В. Горячева, Институт русского языка им. В.В. Виноградова РАН


This article suggests etymologies for several meteorological terms in East Slavic languages. Some of them have already been investigated, others have not been etymologized before, or they are taggedas «unclear» in etymological vocabularies. Eight sketches are given: to Russian dial. (novgor.) bryzdochek «a daybreak, a dawn», to Byelorussian dial. koshna «It’s damp, wet», to Ukrainian belelyuzhiti «about bad weather», to Russian dial. skiberdina «a big ice-floe», to Russian dial. (tversk.) nachemerz «a thick layer of ice on the flood-water», to Russian dial. (severodvinsk.) misenets «drizzle», to Russian dial. (olon.) zaburmachivat «to darken, to becomeclouded».