Художественные функции устаревших слов в «Солдатах» И.С. Шмелева

2018. № 6, 40-44

Л. В. Ковалева, доктор филологических наук, Воронежский государственный технический университет


The article is devoted to the analysis of national peculiarities of outdated lexicon in I.S. Shmelev’s work «Soldiers». It is an attempt to study the language of this work in terms of identifying cultural, domestic and historical features in it. Understanding the meaning of outdated words is necessary for the reader to learn more about the bygone era. The article defines the outdated vocabulary, gives numerous examples that allow us to uncover Russian traditions of period covered the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Examples of lexemes are given with an interpretation of their origin, development and use. The article concludes that the variety of vocabulary in Shmelev’s work serves the writer’s intention – to depict not only the history of Russia, its heroes, but also simple soldiers – defenders of the Fatherland