Russian Speech. 2019. № 1

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Valentina Yu. Apresyan, Yury D. Apresyan, Olga V. Dragoy, B. L. Iomdin, Anna K. Laurinavichyute, I. B. Levontina, Konstantin A. Lopukhin, Anastasiya A. Lopukhina, Elena V. Uryson
A Multifaceted Approach to Semantic, Statistical, and Psycholinguistic Analysis of Lexical Polysemy
8 - 17
Alexei V. Bulannikov
History of the Word ‘Bomzh’ (‘Bum’)
18 - 36
Elena V. Generalova
From ‘Violent Tenth’ to ‘Obese Zeros’: the Epithets to Denote the Ten-year Periods in the History of our Country
37 - 43
Alexandr P. Skovorodnikov, Galina A. Kopnina
Political Labels in Modern Russian Political Media Discourse
44 - 57
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Arseniy V. Bogatyrev
Kalvariya: “Skull”, “Hill”, “Holy Place”
58 - 66
Irina B. Dyagileva
Yasli in the Russian Language
67 - 73
Alexandra A. Pletneva
Pushkin, Gogol and Bova: Allusions to Popular Print Literature in the Works of Russian Classics
74 - 87
Igor’ S. Ulukhanov
Gonitel’. Gubitel’. Muchitel’. Razoritel’
88 - 98
Russian National Corpus
Russian National Corpus
S. O. Savchuk
Useful Functions in Russian National Corpus: search by part of a word and search with the exclusion of an unnecessary element
99 - 108
В помощь изучающим русский язык
В помощь изучающим русский язык
B. L. Iomdin
How to Define Words with the Same Root??
109 - 115
Book News
Book News
Maria L. Kalenchuk
To the issuance of the course of lectures by M. V. Panov “The Language of Russian Poetry of the XVIII–XX Centuries”
116 - 120
Science and Persons
Science and Persons
Irina I. Fougeron
The story of one life. Sergey I. Kartsevsky
121 - 128