To the Issuance of the Book by A. M. Peshkovsky “Linguistics. Poetics. Stylistics”

2019. № 2, 112-118

Natal’ya V. Khalikova, Moscow Region State University (Russia, Mytishchi),


This paper presents an overview of the selected works by A. M. Peshkovsky of the period from 1914 to 1933. The publication was prepared within a new area of the linguistics history — linguistic personology. The hermeneutic approach by A. M. Peshkovsky to grammar as an art of understanding and interpreting of texts, as well as contemporary theoretical principles and methods that allowed the researcher to rid practical grammar of the “servant of spelling” status: correlation of literary-linguistic ideal with concrete facts of natural speech, strict systematicity, historicism, attention to the sounding side of the language unit are pointed out. A. M. Peshkovsky suggested to build grammatical consciousness on the basis of consecutive distinction of forms and meanings of sentence and speech parts, considered as opposed to each other as “frozen” and “set in motion” parts of a single language system. Attention of Peshkovsky to the expressive reading to have the idea of a speech, a text, a stylistic system of the language and the innovation of the researcher in the study of fi ction, namely the rhythmic-intonation division of the phrase and the phenomena of general imagery are pointed out. The core of the terminological system by Peshkovsky are the terms “grammar”, “lexeme”, “sentence”, “distinct word” (phonetic), “stylistic grammar”, that were created by him for linguistic thesaurus. The thesaurus materials are published in the second chapter of the book.