The Language of Smells in the Novel “The Heavenly Ways” by I. S. Shmelev

2019. № 3, 105-116

Yaroslava O. Gudzova, Moscow International Universisy (Russia, Moscow),


This short article is dedicated to the memory of an outstanding scientist and a remarkable person — Mirra Veniaminovna Gordina (1925–2018), professor of the Department of Phonetics of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) University, one of the most prominent representatives of Shcherba’s phonological school, a student and colleague of M. I. Matusevich, L. R. Zinder and L. V. Bondarko. She had lived a long and extremely fruitful life, having left us not only her books, which have become irreplaceable manuals and guides on general phonetics and phonetics of Russian, French and Vietnamese languages, but also a multitude of students grateful to have passed through her school. Her deep knowledge of Russian and foreign phonetics, her understanding of the true role of the science that deals with acoustic aspects of language in linguistic history culminated in her latest capital work — the book on the history of phonetic research