To Mark the Publication of the Monograph “Phrasal Stress in Phonetic, Functional and Semantic Aspects” by A. V. Pavlova and N. D. Svetozarova (Moscow, 2017)

2020. № 1, 118-127

Tatiana P. Skorikova, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia, Moscow),


The review deals with the monograph by A. V. Pavlova and N. D. Svetozarova “Phrasal stress in phonetic, functional and semantic aspects” published by the publ. house “Flinta: Science” in 2017. The publication of this book is a signifi cant event in modern linguistics. This fundamental work, which is of great scientific interest to Russian philologists, provides comprehensive multidimensional coverage of phonetics, grammar, semantics and pragmatics of phrasal stress in Russian. The connection of lexical semantics with the accent behavior of a word in the text is convincingly demonstrated by the authors in numerous examples and represented by a number of illustrations in the Dictionary of Intonational Homonymy at the end of the book. The book is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding linguist Tatyana Mikhaylovna Nikolaeva, who was a pioneer in this field of study in relation to Russian language. The works of T. M. Nikolaeva on semantics of word accentuation had a strong influence on A. V. Pavlova and N. D. Svetozarova who continue to develop and deepen the innovative ideas of the scientist in their book. The review reveals the main ideas of the authors and the features of their approach to the analysis of the phrasal stress, highlights the structure and the contents of the book and its contribution to the development of modern intonology at the present stage.