2020. № 2

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Оlga G. Borisova, Lyudmila Yu. Kostina
Stuck Halfway Between Ukrainian and Russian (On Modern State of Kuban Region Subdialects with Ukrainian Language Base)
7 - 17
Natalia A. Bure, Olga V. Sukhanova
Concept “One” in Russian Speech Culture
18 - 30
Irina A. Veschikova
On the Role and Functions of Media Speech and Its Orthoepic Aspect in the Modern Linguistic Situation
31 - 43
Kristina D. Zaides
Predicative Pragmatic Markers in Russian Oral Spontaneous Speech: Formal Types and Realizations
44 - 61
Arkadiy F. Kalinin
Phraseologically Bound Sentences Like Kto Kak ne On Pomozhet! in Russian Language (Main Aspects)
62 - 75
Anna S. Kuleva, Anna R. Pestova
On the Names of Exotic Fruits: a Modern Look and Lexicographical Tradition
76 - 91
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Alexander A. Sokolyansky
92 - 104
The Language of Fiction
The Language of Fiction
Svetlana A. Makarova
Fine Artistic Meanings of Musical Terms in the Lyrics of I. L. Selvinsk
105 - 114
Science and Persons
Science and Persons
Oleg V. Nikitin
“In Response to Your Request I Inform...” (The 70th An niversary of Publishing The “Dictionary” by S. I. Ozhegov)
115 - 127