Russian speech. 2022. № 4

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Anna S. Kuleva
Plant Names Variability in Explanatory Dictionaries of Modern Russian Language
7 - 24
Ekaterina M. Melnikova
On the Verb Vaccinate in Modern Speech
25 - 36
Mikhail P. Selivanov
The Excerpts of the Study of Loanwords Pronunciation in Russian Linguistics
37 - 47
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Ivan S. Dobrovol’skii
Commentary on the Grammar by Alypy (Gamanovich): § 1. The Slavonic Alphabet, § 2. The Use and Pronunciation of the Letters
48 - 62
The Language of Fiction
The Language of Fiction
Irina A. Kiseleva, Ksenia A. Potashova, Alyona S. Ermakova
Semantic Fullness of the Concept ‘History’ in the Artistic World of M. Y. Lermontov
63 - 74
Natalia A. Nikolina, Zoya Yu. Petrova
Functioning of Artifact Metaphors and Similes in the Texts of Modern Russian Prose
75 - 86
Lev A. Trakhtenberg
“How Often, Surrounded by the Motley Crowd…”: Zhukovsky – Batyushkov – Venivitinov – Lermontov
87 - 99
Nadezhda A. Shapiro
On a Poem by Jan Satunovsky
100 - 106
Book News
Book News
Oleg V. Nikitin
«Modern sociolinguistics is developing rapidly...» (About the New Book by L. P. Krysin)
107 - 117
Natalja V. Patroeva
Book Review: Dictionary of Proper Names in Russian Riddles, Proverbs, Sayings and Idioms (on a New Book of M. L. Kovshova)
118 - 128