Lacuna of the Pictogram Letter Register

2022. № 5, 79-87

Dzmitry M. Sudnik, independent researcher (Republic of Belarus, Minsk),


The abstract sets forth the provisions of the necessary register gap of the pictogram letter and the mechanisms for its compensation. The subject of the research is the behaviour of words like “a-shaped”, “A-shaped” at the beginning of a sentence, as a proper name, fragments of direct speech; the behaviour of phrases such as “in the shape of the letter A/a” and similar in word complexes. (For example, the spelling “a-shaped pieces company” is erroneous, although the semantic implementation of the expression “A-shaped pieces company” is different from the fi rst one.) The aim of the research is the improvement of orthographic rules, lexicographic techniques, translation mechanisms, as well as the normalization of oral speech comply with the objectives of compensating the gap at the levels of the language and the language studies. The paper provides seven mechanisms for problem solving, the main of which is the correction of the rules for writing capital and lowercase letters. The problem itself traces back to the resistance of the orthographic system to the sign iconicity. The article provides recommendations for working with computers in terms of typing and machine translation of these words and phrases. In the author’s opinion, the specifi c research questions, except for the iconicity and peculiarities of written translation, have not been previously defi ned in scientifi c papers. The paper focuses on the private works of linguistics that are known to be never indexed in scientifi c databases.

For citation:

Sudnik D. M. Lacuna of the Pictogram Letter Register. Russian Speech = Russkaya Rech’. 2022. No. 5. Pp. 79–87.