Russian Speech. 2022. № 5

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Maria M. Voznesenskaya
Ushi (‘Ears’) in Russian Phraseology
7 - 25
Alexander B. Letuchiy, Marina Dzhonova
Ways of the Marking of the Animate Participant with Predicatives in Russian and Bulgarian
26 - 46
Elena A. Nikishina
Discursive Markers-Regulators of Communication (po)slušaj, (po)smotri, (po)stoj and Their Usage Characteristics
47 - 63
Vera I. Podlesskaya, Nikolay A. Korotaev
“Étu... kak ejo... perepisku Éngelsa s etim... kak ego, djavola... s Kautskim” — A Case Study of a Placeholder in Russian
64 - 78
Dzmitry M. Sudnik
Lacuna of the Pictogram Letter Register
79 - 87
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Elena L. Berezovich, Tat’yana A. Makshakova
Once Again on the Etymology of Russ. Malakhol’nyi
88 - 103
Язык художественной литературы
Язык художественной литературы
Olga S. Shurupova
Speech Portrait of a Small Person (on the Material of the Story “Sofya Petrovna” by L. K. Chukovskaya)
104 - 114
Mstislav I. Shutan
On Semantic Relations between Structural Elements with Connecting Detailed Comparisons
115 - 127