Features of Epithets in K. M. Simonov’s Poetry: Grammatical and Semantic Transformations

2023. № 4, 90-101

Inessa N. Korzhova, Moscow University of Finance and Industry (Russia, Moscow), clean24@yandex.ru


The article discusses some types of epithets characteristic of the idiostyle of K. M. Simonov, the poet. A productive type for the author is the hypallage, which serves as a means of creating new, more fractional names for objects and phenomena. At the same time, hypallages puts forward categories that are significant for Simonov. Thus, many transferred epithets are associated with temporal and spatial division and have mythopoetic origins. Another type of epithets in Simonov's poetry is associated with the use of relative adjectives in structures with impaired lexical compatibility. Such adjectives have an ambiguous grammatical nature. A number of them continue to point to the attitude, but take in the author's assessment of the phenomena and appeal to a complex network of associations. Others improve and approach the metaphor. Finally, a special group consists of detailed epithets expressed by a participial turnover. Reliance on idioms, inclusion in a homogeneous series with simple epithets, grammatical transformation, punctuation and graphic design emphasize integrity of the phrase. The identified types of epithets are intended to be a means of subject and conceptual concretization, to formalize the idea of a special subclass of objects and phenomena. In some cases, epithets contribute to the objectification of psychological analysis.

For citation:

Korzhova I. N. Features of Epithets in K. M. Simonov’s Poetry: Grammatical and Semantic Transformations. Russian Speech = Russkaya Rech’. 2023. No. 4. Pp. 90–101. DOI: 10.31857/S013161170026391-9.