Russian Speech. 2019. № 4

Issues of Modern Russian Language
Issues of Modern Russian Language
Anna S. Kuleva
On the Old and New Names of Exotic Fruits
7 - 20
Ekaterina S. Skachedubova
Irregularities of Vowel Neutralization in the Modern Russian Standard Language
21 - 29
Nataliya V. Fedotova
Functioning of Military Metaphor in Modern Political Discourse
30 - 42
From the History of the Russian Language
From the History of the Russian Language
Maria N. Belova
Staraya Perechnitsa (‘Old Shrewʼ) in Scientifi c and Folk Etymology
43 - 54
Maria A. Puzina
Роучька, Роучьница ‘containerʼ
55 - 66
The Language of Fiction
The Language of Fiction
Marina A. Bondarenko
Product surovsky, shepetilny, moskatelny, ovoshenny...
67 - 76
Anatoly F. Zhuravlev
Немытая Россия (About a Possible Source of the Lermontov’s Formula)
77 - 81
Еkaterina Ye. Orekhova
“Soul Dialectics” in the Speech Strategies of L. N. Tolstoy and His Characters (Analysis of an Excerpt from the Novel “War and Peace”)
82 - 90
Natalja V. Patroeva
Reduplication of Pronouns in Lyrical Text: Syntactic and Linguo-Poetic Interpretation
91 - 102
Russian National Corpus
Russian National Corpus
I. B. Kachinskaya, A. V. Malysheva
Folk Speech in Russian National Corpus
Book News
Book News
Alexander A. Sokolyansky
Love to the Language in his Self-Suffi cient Completeness: to the Publication of the Two-Volume Book “Selected Works” by Leonid L. Kasatkin (Мoscow, 2017)
119 - 128