“Know Your Ryamki”: Words with the Root Ryam-/Rem- in the Russian Dialects of the Perm Region

2021. № 3, 47-59

Yuliya V. Zvereva

Perm Federal Research Center, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
(Russia, Perm)



The article is devoted to the etymological interpretation of words with the root ryam-/rem-, which are widely used in Perm dialects. The article discusses two versions of the origin of the word root. The author believes that it is most likely that the words are of the Finnish origin of the word. The work also examines the lexical units formed as a result of the blending the words with the root ryam-/rem- and words with other roots, which have the meaning ‘scrap of tissue’. In Russian dialects, various suffixes are attached to this root. On the territory of the Perm region, a large number of derived lexemes with the root ryam-/rem- are also noted. The author also considers words with this root, which include the suffix -es/-z. Due to phonetic and some semantic similarity they can be identified with lexical units with the roots remiz- and remez-. However, these are different units in terms of origin, and their convergence can be considered a coincidence.

Some units, which are formed from the words with the root ryam-/rem- in dialects, units are formed that denote a person in old, worn-out clothes. Words with this root relating to people, can also refer to an untidy, sloppy person, as well as a poor, needy person. In the dialects of the Perm Region, various phraseological units with the words ryamki (remki) are noted, some of them are recorded in other territories, some are regional.

For citation:

Зверева Ю. В. «Знать свои рямки»: слова с корнем рям-/рем- в русских говорах Пермского края // Русская речь. 2021. № 3. С. 47–59. DOI: 10.31857/S013161170015452-6


This research is supported by a grant from Russian Science Foundation project No. 19-18-00117 “Traditional culture of Russians in the zones of active interethnic contacts in the Urals and the Volga region”.